Frequency Asked Questions

How Pivotal Is Using A Paid Service In Today’s Scenario?

At present using a paid service has become inevitable for brands, small businesses, or influencers who have to buy any paid service to get the reach for their reach amidst the prevailing competition. Buy our service and achieve your goals effortlessly.

Does Your Service Stick To The Policies Of The Social Media Sites?

Our service is completely legal and authentic. We don’t violate the rules and regulations and we completely adhere to them. Enrich the reach of your posts with our real and reliable service which we offer at reasonable costs.

How Is It Possible For You To Provide Real Likes For TikTok Videos?

We have a complete database of the real accounts and have categorized them in multiple sections based on their interests and activity. Therefore, it is possible for us to provide real and relevant likes for you at the very moment you order.

Will My Competitors Get To Know That I’m Using A Paid Service?

None will come to know that you are using a paid service. You can place your complete trust in us as it will be completely confidential. We won’t reveal it to anyone. Many renowned brands are using our service whose details are confidential with us.

Will You Refund The Amount If I’m Dissatisfied With Your Service?

We assure that you will be satisfied completely with our service like every other customer. However, we will initiate the refund process only if we are unable to deliver you our service due to any technical issues.

Explain The Pricing Metrics Of Your Packages?

Since our packages provide enormous growth, there is a huge demand for them. But, we did not take advantage of the situation and have the prices of our packages at a reasonable cost, making it affordable for everyone.

How Reliable Is Your Service?

There is a cluster of similar service providers. But, people have picked us because of the reputation we have earned in all these years. You can choose our service without any suspicion and skyrocket your reach.

How Long Will It Take For You To Deliver From The Time Of Order?

Having known the value of time very well, we won’t make you wait. We will deliver to you at the instant you place the order so that you don’t have to postpone your success.